Dehydrating breathers are utilised in liquid cooled
transformers. The dehydrating breather removes
practically all moisture from the air which flows
through it into the conservator when the transformer
is cooling down. This has the effect of
largely preventing any reduction of the dielectric
strenght of the insulation due to moist ambient air
and any formation of condensation in the conservator.
Thus the dehydrating breather increases the
operational integrity of the transformer.

The breather is a component that is connected to the transformer conservator

and is used to absorb moisture and impurities in the oil conservator, and to

guarantee the insulation strength of the transformer oil.

Its structure and principle (see attached drawings)

The main body of the breather is bolted with upper and lower flanges

and glass tubes, the tube is filled with cobalt salt impregnated silica gel particles as a composition of moisture.




XS2  -0.2 165 80 75
XS2  -0.5 205 100 90
XS2  -1.0 260 130 120
XS2  -1.5 300 170 120
XS2  -3.0 360 180 165
XS2  -5.0 420 260 165
XS2  -7.0 510 350 165
XS2  -8.0 590 410 165
XS2  -10 680 500 165