oil level indicator meter installation instructions


Use: this series of oil level indicator are mainly applicable to oil immersed transformer, install the cover on the upper part of the transformer oil tank, used to display the oil level. When the oil level indicator is the upper window appear blue when the oil level indicator oil level is normal, this time in the box cover above; when the red mark for oil level anomalies  in the upper part of the oil level indicator oil level in the time window,   the box cover the following appropriate fill oil, transformer. The top is provided with a pressure release valve in the fuel tank pressure increases to open the pressure relief valve, relief valve opened rapidly to release the pressure, prevent the occurrence of danger.


The shape structure (see the figure) and method of mounting and dimensions:

In the transformer oil level indicator assembly before the lower flange and the cover of the oil tank welding, the transformer tank cover is provided with holes shall be 61 mm diameter; transformer assembly oil level diactor oil level meter connecting flange and the lower flange bolts tight.


Use and maintenance for oil level indicator

1、Before the operation of the transformer must release the pressure release locking screw valve locks the box off or down rotated 90 degrees, in order to ensure the pressure release valve can work normally.

2、Transformer add oil should be made window appear blue label, this time for the normal level, the transformer can be normal operation; if the window appear red mark , said oil level anomalies, should be added transformer oil or inspection of the transformer.

Equipment maintenance of oil level diactor repair, check the oil level meter window glass if there is damage or stain, and timely replacement of cleaning.