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6020/6021 pet lamination roll milky white polyester film insulating mylar electric

6020 /6021 clear /milky White transparent insulation PET polyester mylar film

Polyester Film for Electrical Insulation 6020/6021 polyester film is biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (PET)film.6020 is transparent film,6021 is milky white. It is Class E insulating material. This product has good dielectrical and high mechanical properties. Thermal class: E(120℃) Gauge(um): 36-250 Characteristics: flat, low shrinkage, excellent insulation properties, UL approved Applications It can be used as an electrical insulation and as a laminate with other substrates. In motor applications, selected types of polyester film can be used for ground insulation as slot liners and wedges, as well as phase insulation. In wire and cable applications, it is ideal for mechanical barriers. In addition, specialized polyester film can be used in transformer and high-voltage distribution equipment to wrap the conductors. They are effective for use in hermetic applications with refrigerator and air conditioner motor / compressor assemblies. Roll or tapes White Mylar pet film,pet film tape

6520/6521 Polyester film / Fish paper/Press paper Electrical Insulation paper

Features and uses: The electrical insulation paper and polyester film layer formed by adhesive bonding composite materials, heat level E grade. Good dielectric properties and high mechanical strength. For motor and elecrical insulation slot liner and turn. Widely used for small motor and electrical insulation slot liner, gasket and turn to turn and layer insulation, liner insulation, transformer insulation, and other electrical insulation with temperatures requirement not exceeding 120 C. Fish paper electrical insulation has good mechanical strength because it’s fibrous This hard, wear-resistant cellulosic paper is more heat-resistant than many plastic materials Retains greater flexibility than plastics at low temperatures Features: 1) Good insulation 2) Good flexibility, Easily bendable and perforated without any cracking 3) Water resistance 4) Abrasion resistance 5) Oil resistance 6) Ageing resistance 7) High mechanical and tensile strength 8) Excellent electrical properties, ideal arc resistance, tear resistance 9) Smooth surface 10), insulation class: B class (135 °C) - Polyester film/Presspaper has high mechanical strength and excellent dielectric property. 11), As slot, inter turn and liner insulation for E-grade motors, generators and electric appliances. 12),Also used for slot insulation, closures or covers, overhang, interphase insulation and layer insulations for Dry-type transformers and motors. 13).Exceptionally light weight, about half the weight of aluminum 14).Possesses the beneficial properties of metals, plastics, rubber and leather 15).Environment friendly, poses no threat to nature, easily disposable

Flexible blue green pet film laminated fish paper composite Insulation class E(120degree)

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Polyester film and polyester fiber non-woven fabric flexible composite material (F- DMD)

Polyester film and polyester fiber non-woven fabric flexible composite material (F- DMD)

  Polyester film and poly...

Polyester film/non-woven polyester F DMD

DMD non-woven polyester film soft composite insulation material

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Epoxy resin DMD film for cast resin transformer

Epoxy resin DMD film Pre-impre...

Polyester film/non-woven polyester F DMD

DMD Epoxy Pre-impregnated DMD FILM


DMD FILM for dry transformer

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