F46 O Ring

F46 viton fluoro compound rubber o ring rubber stopper

Viton O-RING with the excellent resistance to high temperature and a broad range of chemical, permeability and compression set are excellent properties of other rubber, such as high temperature, oil resistance and chemical resistance, good physical and mechanical properties and weather ability, electrical insulation and radiation resistance Advantages of Our Product • Raw material import from the famous companies of Europe, US and Japan, like DuPont, Bayer.b). Green environmental protection. • Can be customized to the non-standard model. • The mature technology, stable quality. Good Material stability, excellent seal results. • High and low temperature resistance, oil resistance, anti-ozone and aging. • Model is complete, enough stock inventory. • Excellent Elastic deformation. Excellent resistance to climate performance. • Meet the demand of sustainable development. Use ERP system to insure the best services for our customers. • We have plastic mold and rubber mold workshop, we design and open the molds by our professional team. OEM and ODM is welcomed.