Transformer cork rubber gaskets & Vibration control pads

Transformer cork rubber gaskets & Vibration control pads













Quick Details

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)                     Standard or Nonstandard: Nonstandard

Shape: Ring Gasket ,Corrugated Gasket, All shapes available

Material: Cork& rubber, NBR, FPM, FVMQ, VMQ, EPDM, NR, IIR, etc.

Thickness: 0.5mm – 75.0mm                          Durometer: 8~90 Shore A

Density: 0.75-1.05-2.05g/cm3  different  kind          Tensile Strength: ≥20Mpa

Compressibility: 10%-30%                           Compressed rebound rate: ≥80%

Color: brown (natural) & black, or Customers’ request      Recovery, %:≥ 40

Working temperature: -60~150~350℃                  Water content: 0.5%

Special Function: Oil proof, acid, seal,High temperature resistant etc

Volume change rate: 15 -10%                          Certificate: ISO9001:2008


Cork Rubber Gasket


With NBR or neoprene, it resists oil, good material as gasket, light and good compressed

It made from cork granule with NBR or neoprene, have good compressed cacacity, light weight and good chemical capacity.

Cork in electrical industry special cork and rubber had been developed to prevent leakage of the very searching cooling fluids used in modern electrical transformer, similar material are also widely used in switch gear circuit breakers, lighting arresters, and other transmission equipment, as well as in conduit fittings, gear cases and cover plates in washing machines.

Sealing material is compounded with Nitrite (NBR)rubber. This product is suitable for most transformer oils at application


Rubberised Cork Sheets/Strips: Product is used in making Gaskets/Packings for sealing Transformer

Rubberised Cork Sheets/Strips: Product is used in making Gaskets/Packings for sealing Transformer tanks against Transformer Oil. It is having wide application in manufacturing of Power & Distribution Transformers.

We can supply sheets in required thickness from 2.0mm – 12.0mm with sheet size 1000mmX1000mm and 900mmX2000mm. We can supply material in Strips in required thickness & width in 20 Mtrs. roll form. We can also supply the Gaskets/Components as per customer design.

A material having high hardness manufactured from fine Imported Cork Granules providing excellent oil, heat and ozone resistant properties. Its excellent Compression Set and Side-Flow properties control lateral spread tendency of ordinary Cork Sheets and is therefore, best suited for Outdoor Transformers.

Date  sheet




Test       project




The test results

1 Hardness (Shore) 80±10 82
2 Tensile strong          No less than     (MPA0 2.5       5


Permanent compression deformation

Compression ratio25%

70℃×22h      Not more than %







Aging in hot air           (100℃×70h) The hardness change

Weight change %









water-tolerant     (100℃×1h )

Volume change                                 %









Resistance to 1# standard oil( 70℃×22h) The hardness change

Volume change                 %








Volatile oil standard B           (23℃×24h)

The hardness change

Volume change %





8 Temperature index -60℃to 120℃


Gaskets of various engines of automobiles, tractors, plans, ships, and pipes petroleum, transformers, electric equipment,etc.

It is made from clean granulated cork mixed with resin binder and synthetic rubber polymer.

Mark: CKRBS: Cork mixed with NBR

CKRS: Cork mixed with resin binder

Technical data:

Item Unit Ref No. CKRBS Ref No.  CKRS
Density kg/m3 >270 >24
Tensile Strength Mpa >0.55 >0.4
Compressibility % 15-40 15-40
Recovery % >75% >75%
Flexibility % <12 <12
Resistance to boiling water, 3hours NO DISINTEGRATION
Resistance to boiling Hydrochloric acid, 0.5hous NO DISINTEGRATION
Resistance to hot oil, 3hours NO DISINTEGRATION
Moisture content % <8 <8
Dimension of sheet mm (0.8-100)THK X 610 W. X 915 L.


Transformer cork rubber gaskets & Vibration control pads

Rubberised cork gasket :


rubber cork sheet for sealing gaskets

 Transformer cork rubber gaskets & Vibration control pads

Distinguish from granule grade

Cork sheet(Granule grade) Big Middle Small
Granules size (1/inch) 8-12 12-24 30-60
Tensile strengthKg/cm2 8 12 12
Compressibility100psi load % 15-40 10-30 5-25
Recovery % 75 65 60
Flexibility Multiple 15 12 15
Boiling water Resistance hour 3 5 5

According with the standard ISO4714.


Distinguish from density

Density Low Middle High
Kg/m3 270 320 380


Transformer cork rubber gaskets & Vibration control pads

Transformer cork rubber gaskets & Vibration control pads



Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Packed by film firstly then by carton or wooden case or as customer request

Delivery Time: within 7 days after received payment



Our Advantage:

OEM service—We are a company specializing in making OEM mechanical parts in rubber & plastic & metal material,  and we produce according to your samples or drawings ,if they are not available, we design according to your requirements and the application.

Various existing molds—We have our own mould factory, and after more than 30 years of continued accumulation, there is a very large amount of moulds , so that we may save the mould cost for you.

Authentications—Our products have passed related authentications ,and are widely approved ,adopted and favored by domestic and foreign enterprises.

Worldwide selling network —With export experience of 15 years, we have established a worldwide selling network, and we are committed to provide more accurate , professional and thoughtful service.

Website—If you want to know more about us ,please logo onto our website


Our other related product:

Vibration Control Pads

These pads are used to control noise of Transformer caused by vibration of Transformer Core material, Cooling Fans & Pumps.

Product Name Vibration Control Pads
Availability Maximum Load range: 36 psi to 1450 psi (0.25 MPa to 10 MPa)
Work Load Range 7-29 psi to 145-870 psi
Temperature Range -60 degree C to 175 degree C
Application Internal Vibration control & External Vibration control for both Oil Immersed & Dry type Transformers


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