The thermally upgrade nitrogen insulation paper

The thermally upgrade nitrogen Epoxy Diamond dotted Papper for distribution transformer

The thermally upgrade nitrogen  Epoxy Diamond dotted Papper for  distribution transformer 

The thermally upgrade nitrogen insulation pape r is a significant technique all the time. Due to the internal and external reasons, it has not been widely used for several years. Until recent years, its potential is rediscovered and it has also been promoted to the increasingly important stage. Just as the difficulty to promote the technique of amorphous alloy, the mainly factors which make the promotion of this technique slowly are as follows:

1 High-priced factor. This technique has been monopolized by world-famous enterprises for many years, such as MUNKSJO in Sweden and WEIDMANN in Switzerland. Even other companies can produce some thermally upgrade nitrogen insulating papers(Diamond dotted Paper ), but their techniques are not autonomous. It results in high cost and excessively high price. And their products can only be used in specific high-end aspects and can’ be widely used as well as accepted by the markets.

2 Conventional factors. Due to high-end demands, high-end power transmission equipments (HV, extra HV and ultra HV) have to use thermally upgrade nitrogen insulating papers with high price in domestic. As to normal power transformers and power transmission and transformation equipment’s, they use normal insulating materials instead of thermally upgrade nitrogen insulating papers. It becomes conventional wisdom in the design field and also curbs the development of thermally upgrade materials.

3 Cognition factors. On the principles and techniques of the thermally upgrade insulating paper, insulating field says nothing of systematic analysis and study. At the same time, monopolization with high price is still not curbed.  And he importance of using thermally upgrade materials on normal power transformers has been ignored for a long time.

DDP diamond dotted kraft paper thermally upgraded thermostabilized produced by Ours whose base paper is made from the pulp imported in frigid zone and with long fiber needle pine, has excellent purity, polymerization and insulating property. And the nitrogen content is above that of Swedish MUNKSJO and WEIDMAN, and is higher slightly than that of Japan. So the heat resistance is enough great to keep the insulation stable, which lengthen the use life of whole equipment.