FRP Insulation Fiberglass Filament Winding Tubes

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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)                                Brand Name: XINCHENG

Product name: Epoxy Fiberglass Vacuum Cast Insulating Tube

Type: Insulation Sleeving /tube                                 Usage: Insulation Protection

Technology: Vacuum Cast                                           Material: Fiberglass, Epoxy Resin and Fiberglass

Feature: High Temperature Resistance                    Temperature: F grade (155 C ), H grade ( 180 C) , 220 C

Application: High Voltage                                            Rated Voltage: 35kV-1100kV

Tensile Strength: >=200MPa                                    Axial compressive strength: ≥150MPa

Flexural strength to layer: ≥120MPa                       Dielectric loss factor (50Hz): ≤0.05

Vertical flexural strength (normal): 400MPa                Surface voltage resistance after wetting: ≥12kv

Water Absorption: ≤1%                                                Partial discharge: ≤5PC

Density: 1.8-1.95g/m3                                                 Diameter range: from 4mm to 1000mm

Thickness : 0.5mm-30mm or Customized Size              Max length: 12m

Color: Green, red, white, yellow, etc                           Services: OEM, ODM, DIe-Cutting

Certificate: ISO, SGS



Epoxy fiberglass winding tube is made of fiberglass yarn impregnated with epoxy resin etc, and then rolled in wet method, and then dried and consolidated. Its heat resistance level can be up to H level, and it also has excellent electrical and mechanical properties, low dielectrical loss, no deformation, chemical resistant etc. It can be used as main insulator on H grade dry type transformers, load tap changer, reactor, lightning protector, SF6 Inductor etc.

Our epoxy resin fiberglass tubes are produced by adopting the vacuum casting technology manufactured in a high class purifying room, which guarantees superior performance and reliable quality of products. They are widely applied in high voltage circuit breakers, isolation switches, earthing switches and other electricity equipment with the voltage level from 35kV to 1100kV. They are also widely used for kinds of pipeline system, such as waste line, petroleum chemical lines, pipeline connected to the tank or other systems. Among more than 200,000 sets in operation, no quality problem has been found, winning favorable comments from customers at home and abroad.


Main Features and Test Items

  1. Reliable electrical insulation property:

All the epoxy resin fiberglass tube at each voltage class produced by our company are subject to lightning impulse type tests according to Chinese National Standards. Routine tests like withstand voltage and partial discharge tests are performed before each epoxy fiberglass tube leaves factory so as to ensure stable and reliable electrical insulation property of products during service.

  1. Reliable mechanical performance:

All the epoxy resin fiberglass tubes at each voltage class produced by our company are subject to 10000 opening and closing life tests. For each heat of epoxy resin fiberglass tube products, routine destructive tensile tests are performed for test objects, and also torsion tests and other mechanical performance tests can be carried out as necessary.

  1. Reliable thermal deformation resistance:

For each heat of epoxy resin fiberglass tubes, DSC differential thermal analysis is performed to ensure reliable thermal deformation resistance of products.

  1. Reliable internal soundness:

Each epoxy resin fiberglass tube is subject to routine X-ray non-destructive testing to guarantee absence of internal defects so that sound internal structure can be ensured for reliable use.

  1. High external surface quality

The epoxy resin fiberglass tube produced by our company are of aesthetically pleasing internal and external surfaces, which are free from special coatings or finishes.


Epoxy resin fiber glass winding tube

Winding tubes in various specifications (diameter ranges from 4 to 1000 mm) can be produced in accordance with users’ requirements, meanwhile, they can be processed according to different requirements (notch, turning, wiring etc.).


FRP pipe is Epoxy glass fiber reinforced entwined tube

1) Excellent mechanical strength,

2) High mechanical load

3) High voltage resistance and low dielectric loss.

4) Light weight

5) Adjust the winding angle to satisfied with your any mechanical strength demand

6) Thickness is from 1mm to more 7) Work temperature: B (125C)/ F(155C)/ H(180C)/ 220-250 C

7) Corrosion resistance, Resistance to chemical corrosion (SF6) .

8) High temperature resistance

9) No deformation, no layer.

10) Water absorption minimum.

Product Application

Widely used in oil-immersed transformer, H class dry type transformer, railway locomotive transformer on-load tap-changer, reactor, lightning arrester, SF6 transformers, such as high pressure test device main insulation products.


Technical parameter:

Basic type Unit B-21

High Load







Static load Mpa 240 240 240 150
Dynamic load Mpa 160 150 100 30
Density g/cm3 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0
Max.speed m/s 0.20 0.20 0.20 0.10
Max.PV MPa*m/s 2.0 2.0 1.8 1.6
Coefficient of friction 0.03~0.12 0.03~0.12 0.03~0.12 0.15~0.25
Working Temp. ±180 ±180 ±180 ±120
SHORT-TIME WORK TEMPERATURE -180~+230 -180~+230 -180~+230 -120~+140
Radial compressive strength Mpa 550 550 550 200
Hardness HRM 95 95 95 85
Linear thermal expansion factor Um/m℃ 13×10-6 13×10-6 13×10-6 30×10-6
Color Black Black Black Black

Note : Instead of GGB High Strength GAR-MAX style


Technical parameter:
Item Uint Value
Density g/m³ ≥2.0
Compression Strength Mpa ≥200
Bending Strength Mpa ≥320
Volume resistivity Noemal when Ωm 1.0 x 1011
After soaking 1.0 x 109
Parallel layer to the insulation resistance Noemal when Ω 1.0 x 1011
After soaking 1.0 x 109
Surface breakdown voltage after wettingin normal air for 1 min with gap between electrodes of 30mm KV ≥15
Vertical layer to the breakdown voltage ( in transformer oil of 90±2ºC)δ≤3mm  δ> 3mm MV/m ≥18
Parellel layer to the breakdown voltage ( in transformer oil of 90±2ºC) KV ≥50
Dielectric loss factor 50 Hz Min ≤0.02
Water absorbtion rate % less than 0.02


Customer Service

We understand purchasing is the most complicated and cumbersome work. Various trade platform can not display all contents of purchasing. Only a responsible supplier who always standby can undertake this task. Large scale operation can maintain our cost advantage and maintain quality. Low labor cost and large nu mber of factories in China provide rich resources for us. We are responsible for purchasing and production, so that our customers can put together advantages to develop market. We look forwarder to establish lon g term cooperation with our client, and we provide more services to make it eaiser.

– Free technical assistant

– Quality control on every single order based on SGS AQL 2.5-4.0

– Online order tracking

– Member pricing online checking

– Ideas share

– New products alerts


Horizontal placement, storage at room temperature in dry and clean room and keep it from damp, storage period is 12 months.


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details : carton, or by customer’s demand

Port: Tianjin, Qingdao or Shanghai

Lead Time : 7-15days


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