3025 phenolic cotton cloth laminate bakelite sheet/ board/panel/ rod

3025 phenolic cotton cloth laminate bakelite sheet/ board/panel/ rod

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Place of Origin: China                                       Brand Name: XINCHENG

Product name: 3025 Phenolic cotton cloth Bakelite Insulation board/sheet/panel

Usage: Insulation Protection Electronic structural Part For Transformers

Type: Insulation Sheet, 3025,3025B,3025C                       Model Number: 3025

Material: cotton cloth and phenolic resin                         Tensile Strength: ≥120MPa

Application: High Voltage,Mechanical and electrical                                             Rated Voltage: 20-35-110KV

Color: Brown, Black, Orange, Yellow ,white, grey or Customized

size: 980mm*1980mm & 1020mm*2040mm or Customized

Thickness: 0.2mm-120mm or Customized                                          Apparent density: 1.30-1.45 g/cm3

Dielectric strength perpendicular to laminations: 14.2MV/m

B.V. Parallel to laminations (in 90 degree transformer oil): 1kv        Thermal Class : E (125℃)

Dieletric strength: 0.82 kV/mm                                                               Insulation resistance: 1*106 Ω

Water absorption: Max 220 mg                                                               Test: in (90±2)℃ transformer oil

Properties: Excellent mechanical Properties, dielectric property, oil resistance

Certification: ISO9001:2000,ISO14001,UL,3C,                                 Sample: Sample Available

Available Service: CNC Cutting and Machining

3025 phenolic cotton cloth laminate bakelite sheet/ board/panel/ rod

Product Description

3025 Phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheet is made up of phenolic resin and cotton cloth with the model 3025.In normal condition, it has good electrical property and mechanical property. It is wear-resisting and applies to wear-resisting and insulating parts of mechanical, motor and electrical equipment, such as gear machining, mold machining.

Phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheet/ 3025 Phenolic Cotton Fabric Laminate Sheet is a kind of insulation sheet, made of coarse cotton cloth impregnated phenolic resin by processing under heat and pressure. This product is widely used for low voltage applications ,for machines & appliances having higher voltages but lower electrical stress (slot wedges ,spacers) as material for bearing , gears , rollers & other constructional components , drilling jigs , underwater bearings , telecommunication & high frequency technique property ,oil resistance and dielectric property, as electrical materials with low electric property

3025 insulation board phenolic cotton fabric laminate sheet

3025 insulation board phenolic cotton fabric laminate sheet is made of cotton fabric impregnated with phenolic resin in baking, pressing, curing. Widely used as insulating structure parts in motor, mechanical and electrical equipment, and 3025 cotton phenolic sheet can be used in transformer oil.

With high mechanical and electrical property, 3025 insulation board phenolic cotton fabric laminate sheet is suitable for being the components of mechanical parts such as the gears, guide wheel, saw guide, etc.

Appearance for Panel Bakelite / Phenolic Cotton Cloth laminated Sheet 3025

surface should be flat and velvet, without wrinkle and crack, avoid other disfigurement, such as scratch, impress, a few spot is available.

3025 phenolic cotton cloth laminate bakelite sheet/ board/panel/ rod


♦ Good surface flatness, excellent smoothness
♦ Good antistatic performance
♦ Good machinability, superior resistance to acid and dielectric properties
♦ Excellent Dielectric Properties
♦ Temperature resistance: Max 140 ℃

♦ Good electrical properties

♦ Good mechanical properties

♦ No water absorption

♦ High temperature resistance

♦ Good surface hardness

♦ Abrasion resistance

♦ Excellent insulation

3025 phenolic cotton cloth laminate bakelite sheet/ board/panel/ rod


Good mechanical strength, antistatic, intermediate electrical insulation. It is impregnated with phenolic resin by insulating impregnated paper. It is roasted and pressed. The product is suitable for the motor and electrical equipment with high mechanical performance, and is used as an insulating component, and can be used in transformer oil. The mechanical strength is good. It is suitable for PCB drilling plate, distribution box, jig board, mould splint, high and low voltage distribution box, packing machine, comb and so on. Suitable for motor, mechanical mould, PCB and ICT jig. Forming machine, drilling machine, table grinding pad.

♦  Chemical machinery parts, general machinery parts
♦  Gears, generators, pads, bases, baffles, generator, transformer, fixture inverter, motor and electric insulation component.
♦  Distribution box, fixture board, the mould plate, high and low voltage distribution box, packing machine insulation parts.
♦  Mold making, PCB, ICT fixture, molding machine, drilling machine, mesa grinding pads etc.

♦  Used in the mechanical performance requirements of a high motor, electrical equipment and insulating structural parts

♦  ICT,ITE rule the processing of the insulation parts, test fixtures, silicon rubber keypads mold

♦  Fixture plate , mold plywood, countertops grinding plate, packaging machines, comb, etc.


3025 phenolic cotton cloth laminate bakelite sheet/ board/panel/ rod

properties Unit Grade
Flexural strength perpendicular to laminations MPa 100
Compression strength perpendicular To laminations MPa 245
Bonding strength N 5400
Dielectric Strength Perpendicular to Laminations(in 90±2°C transformer oil,1mm in thickness) KV/mm 0.82
Breakdown voltage parallel to laminations(in 90±2°CTransformer oil) kV 1
Permittivity(1MHz) 5.5
Dissipation factor(1MHz) 0.04
Insulation Resistance after impregnated in water Ω 1.0×106
Density g/cm3 1.45-1.5
Water absorption(1mm in thickness) mg 206
Color Brown
Tensile strength MPa 98
Impact strength KJ/m2 8.8
Temperature index (short time). 120


3025 phenolic cotton cloth laminate bakelite sheet/ board/panel/ rod

Technical Parameters

3025 3025B 3025C
Density g/cm3 1.30~1.42 1.30~1.45 1.30~1.45
Martens heat resistance (LW) 125 125 125
Flexural strength≥ MPa 110 90 70
Tensile strength≥ MPa 70
Adhesion force≥ N 5390 4500 4500
Impact strength,charpy≥ kJ/m2 25 20 15
Voltage endurance perpendicular to lamination in transformer oil at 90±2℃≥ kV/mm
Thickness:0.5~1mm 4
Thickness:1.1~2mm 3
Thickness:2.1~3mm 2
2.5 2.5
Area of the sheets mm 1020×1220,980×1980,1020×2040



(1). Q: Can you give me a discount price?
A: It is depending on the volume.
(2). Q: Why is your price higher than other suppliers?
A:  We can offer the products of different quality levels depends on customer’s target price and quality requirement.
(3). Q: How can I get a sample?
A: Non custom samples are free of charge. You only pay for the goods. We promise to deliver the sample within 48 hours.
(4). Q: How can you guarantee the quality of mass production is same with the sample sent to me before?
A: Our process will  base on the samples which is the same as yours.
(5).How do I know the progress of my product?
Production department upload production schedule every day, you only need to consult the customer service staff.



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3025 phenolic cotton cloth laminate bakelite sheet/ board/panel/ rod