6520/6521 Polyester film / Fish paper/Press paper Electrical Insulation paper

6520/6521 Polyester film / Fish paper/Press paper Electrical Insulation paper

6520/6521 Polyester film / Fish paper/Press paper Electrical Insulation paper

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Brand Name: XINCHENG

Product name: Pet film composite material insulation fish paper 6520

Name: 6520 / 6521 Polyester Film Insulation Fish paper/polyester film/ Insulating Paper Flexible Composite Material

Composition: 100% Sulfate wood pulp presspaper + Polyester film.

Model Number: 6520/6521                                            Type: Insulation Paper, Insulation Film

Materials: PET film( polyester film) and presspaper flexible composite materials

Raw Material: PET film and 100% superior sulfate insulating wood pulp

Application: High Voltage, Electric, Battery, electrical motors and Transformer

Usage: slot insulation, interphase insulation, liner insulation                  Breakdown voltage: 6-18KV

Tensile Strength: ≥50-400N/cm                                           Insulation class: B (135℃)

Availability thickness: 0.05, 0.08, 0.13, 0.15, 0.17, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30,0.35, 0.45mm or customize

Thickness Tolerance: ≤±10%                                                 PET Film Thickness: 23-36-50um

Moisture content: ≤8%                                                            Oil Obsortion: ≥12%

Electric Conductivity: ≤8.0Ms/m                                         Feature: High Temperature Resistance

Density: 1.3-2.0 G/cm3                                                           Apperance: shiny smooth

Form: roll, sheet, strip or Machining                                   Color:Green, Cyan, Blue, Grey

Property: High dielectric property and mechanical strength                 Package: Carton and pallet

Width: 960mm to 1360mm or customized

HS Code:4811601000                                                           Shelf life: 12 months

Standard: IEC60626-3-100                                                  Certificate: ISO9001, ROHS, REACH

Sample: Available



6520 polyester film composite electrical insulation paper is made of electrical fish paper and polyester film layer formed by adhesive bonding. this material has a excellent performance in both electrical and mechanical properties. The used adhesive is acid-free and temperature resistant. It has excellent electrical and mechanical properties, it can be used for low-voltage motors, electrical insulation in a groove, insulation and cushioning interterm insulation.

It enables easy processing on automatic machines.

It can be used as slot and phase insulation in low voltage machines or as interlayer insulation in transformers.

Special thicknesses or combinations can be supplied according to customer.

Products can be supplied in rolls, sheet, tapes or shapes according to customer requests.

According to different thicknesses of Polyester film, 6520/6521 Polyester film/Presspaper can be divided into 6520-23 / 6520-36 / 6520-50.

Applications as per Specifications:

6 Micron -> Mainly used for lamination with board to manufacture disposable item.

10 Micron -> Mainly used for printing industry to manufacture laminate pouches also used in off set printing

12 Micron -> Mainly used in rotogravure printing for manufacturing laminates.

15 & 19 Micron -> These materials are twist and mainly used in confectionery industry for wrapping sweets and chocolates.

25 Micron -> mainly used for label application used for Mehandi cones.

30 Micron and 36 Micron -> Mainly used for manufacturing Mehandi cones.

50 Micron -> Used in labels application and label application.Used in sequence film application

75, 100, 125, 200 Micron -> Used for sequence film and electrical application for motor windingUsed for window lamination in corrugate boxes.


Features and uses:

The electrical insulation paper and polyester film layer formed by adhesive bonding composite materials, heat level E grade.

Good dielectric properties and high mechanical strength.

For motor and elecrical insulation slot liner and turn.

Widely used for small motor and electrical insulation slot liner, gasket and turn to turn and layer insulation, liner insulation, transformer insulation, and other electrical insulation with temperatures requirement not exceeding 120 C.

Fish paper electrical insulation has good mechanical strength because it’s fibrous

This hard, wear-resistant cellulosic paper is more heat-resistant than many plastic materials

Retains greater flexibility than plastics at low temperatures


1) Good insulation

2) Good flexibility, Easily bendable and perforated without any cracking

3) Water resistance

4) Abrasion resistance

5) Oil resistance

6) Ageing resistance

7) High mechanical and tensile strength

8) Excellent electrical properties, ideal arc resistance, tear resistance

9) Smooth surface

10), insulation class: B class (135 °C) – Polyester film/Presspaper has high mechanical strength and excellent dielectric property.

11), As slot, inter turn and liner insulation for E-grade motors, generators and electric appliances.

12),Also used for slot insulation, closures or covers, overhang, interphase insulation and layer insulations for Dry-type transformers and motors.

13).Exceptionally light weight, about half the weight of aluminum

14).Possesses the beneficial properties of metals, plastics, rubber and leather

15).Environment friendly, poses no threat to nature, easily disposable

6520/6521 Polyester film / Fish paper/Press paper Electrical Insulation paper 6520 6521 insulation fish paper polyester



Item Unit Value
Normal Thickness mm 0.15 0.17 0.20 0.22 0.25 0.27 0.3 0.35 0.45 0.60
Thickness Tolerance mm ±0.02 ±0.03 ±0.035 ±0.045 ±0.06
Normal Grammage g/square meter 190±28 215±32 250±38 275±40 310±46 330±50 370±50 490±73 550±80 730±110
Tensile Strength Lengthwise Not Bended N/10mm ≥100 ≥110 ≥125 ≥130 ≥150 ≥175 ≥200 ≥240 ≥360 ≥400
Bended >70 >75 >80 >85 ≥95 ≥100 ≥110 ≥180 ≥275 ≥320
Crosswise Not Bended >80 >85 >90 >90 ≥95 ≥100 ≥105 ≥120 ≥180 ≥200
Bended >50 >50 >50 ≥55 ≥60 ≥70 ≥80 ≥115 ≥175 ≥190
Elongation Lengthwise Not Bended % ≥2 ≥3
Crosswise Not Bended ≥8 ≥10
Breakdown Voltage Not Bended KV ≥7 ≥7 ≥7 ≥7 ≥7 ≥7 ≥7 ≥7 ≥7 ≥7
Bended ≥6 ≥6 ≥6 ≥6 ≥6 ≥6 ≥6 ≥6 ≥6 ≥6
Adhesive Property Room Temperature No delamination
130±2°C 10min No delamination, blister, or adhersive flow
Temperature Index °C




1.What about the MOQ?

Usually 100kg, but we can do less to meet various needs if we have it in stock.

2.Can you provide sample?

Sample is available, the freight collect.

3.What about the raw material you use?

We usually use imported material from Japan, Korea, Germany and America.

4.Do you have enough stock and accept customized?

Yes, we have enough stock for our best seller, we have warehouse which most hot sale    product are prepared. Customized is available.

5.What about the production and delivery time?

Usually 7 days, it depends on the order quantity and processing requirement. The goods will be deliverd once they were inspected.

6.Can we place mixed thickness for one order?

Yes, We could match your ordering request even mixed different  thickness and colors .

7.Can you provide discount?

Yes, it depends on the order quantity, the larger the order is, the more discount will be    enjoyed.

6520/6521 Polyester film / Fish paper/Press paper Electrical Insulation paper 6520 6521 insulation fish paper polyester

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Packaging Details

  1. Wooden pallet, wooden case, Standard export packing.
  2. According to customer’s requirement.

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